Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Storm

I just love the Summer storms that seem to happen quite often here in the South. One minute it is hot and humid and the next you see dark clouds rolling overhead and you know that something is about to happen! Our latest storm sent Brooks and Anna rushing outside to play and splash in the rain, laughing at and loving every drop that fell on them:-) I stood safely in the garage snapping pictures of them until they both stopped and seemed to notice at the same time this unbelievable rainbow that was forming right over our house! It was the most beautiful perfectly full rainbow I had ever seen. They were both so excited and were yelling as loud as they could "Thank you Lord for rainbows!!!" I love moments like this!

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Shelley said...

HUGE GOOSEBUMPS reading this precious glimpse into a your sweet family!! Thanks for capturing it so well and sharing with us.