Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thoughts in the waiting zone

Exactly 2 months ago today we met our daughter for the first time. 2 whole months since we have seen her. I wonder if she is walking now? Has her hair grown? Does she remember our faces? It is such a strange thing to not know these details about your child, yet we knew this was the way it would have to be. We watched our video tonight again with the boys. Not the condensed version set to music, but the whole video we have of our time with her. I love hearing her giggle and seeing her respond to us. I love how the boys talk about her all the time and want to watch her video with us. We are really praying we are half-way through our waiting time, the trend seems to be more like 5 months in-between trips but we are praying and claiming that it will be less!

A song that has comforted me so much during this time is the song we have playing right now on our blog (be sure and turn on your volume). It reminds me how big our God is. He is above all things, over all things and created all things, so I can rest in the assurance He is with our Anna and comforting her as only He can do. "I AM" by Mark Schultz