Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Typical Tea Party

It has been so long since we last posted we are not even sure if anyone is following this anymore! So many things are going on since our move it has been hard to keep up. I have lots to post and update, but thought I would start with our tea party that happened a few days ago.

Anna's favorite thing to do is serve up tea! She will work on a tea party to make sure everything is just right and everyone is served properly. One morning she was really wanting to do it and I so I bribed Brooks into joining us. I told him I would pay him 25 cents if he would come:-) He negotiated and said he would join us for 25cents as long as R2D2 could join in as well! I wanted to document one of our tea parties so I could always remember them, so I grabbed my camera and captured how it all went down:

First off everyone gets all dressed up for the event. Who can resist wearing a tutu!! Even Brooks sported an animal print one (he will not be happy that I posted this!)

Anna works very hard to put everything just where it should be!

Tea parties are serious business!

Here Anna is learning that an uninvited robot is joining us... she is not happy

At some point a fight broke out

R2 prevails and gets to stay for tea

Everyone is happy...

We all enjoy our tea and animal crackers

Being a party planner is hard work, Anna falls fast asleep for naptime!