Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh Happy Day!!

Today marked the end of an almost 5 year road. Five years ago we began our paperwork to bring our daughter home, well before she was even born. Today after countless, COUNTLESS documents, notary's, apostilles, social worker visits, etc., Anna and I mailed off the VERY LAST paperwork we will ever have to do concerning her adoption! Her final 3 year Post Placement report is required by Russia to check on her growth, development and well being. This was a happy day for me, mixed with a twinge of sadness. I have enjoyed being able to share with Russia over the past 3 years how well Anna is doing and how much a child can thrive living in a loving home. Although I will not miss the busy work, I feel like our ties to the people who helped us bring Anna home is now over. We wrote a thank you note to our facilitators that helped us in country, and sent it along with many pictures of our beautiful happy girl. We do plan on bringing Anna to Russia someday to see where she was born and to experience the culture there, but we are several years away from that. Anna wasn't exactly sure what we were celebrating, she was just excited to have her picture taken and get a special treat at our favorite chocolate shop!