Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Couldn't Resist...

Oh how sweet is this dress?!! It probably won't fit for another year, but I was passing through a store today and could not pass it up. I can just picture our sweet Anna in it some day :-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We have been home from our trip to meet Anna for one month. It seems so long ago, and I find myself replaying all the details in my mind of her and the day we met. The emotions and the memories are just as vivid as the day we had Bradey and Brooks. I will never forget how I felt driving out to her orphanage; scared, excited, nervous. Luckily Ryan was my rock and was holding it together for the both of us. I remember our translator talking to us during the drive, but not really hearing what she was saying, all I could think of was "is this really happening, is she really here in this town!" I remember getting choked up as we pulled up to the orphanage, so sad to know there are babies living here who need mommies and daddies. I remember the smell of food in the orphanage, the steps that led the way to the directors office. I will always remember my first glimpse of her, being walked up the stairs by her caregiver, her beautiful dark hair perfectly combed, pink tights, pink shirt, pink vest. When I finally had her in my arms, I couldn't stop saying "I love you" and kissing her. Had she ever been told that before? I wanted her to hear it over and over. I remember her giggle and how she loved to play with balls and sit in my lap. After a while she drifted off to sleep in my arms...what a moment. This has always been my favorite memories with our babies and I got to experience it on my first day with her. We prayed over her, cried over her and then had to give her back to the caregiver. The next day was just as memorable. She seemed more relaxed, crawled all over and even took a few steps for us. Ryan discovered she loves being tickled just like the boys, I remember her laughter and how she wanted him to keep doing it.

All of these memories I will hold onto and replay over and over. If you want to hear them firsthand you can call me, I love to tell them!