Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our 2nd Gotcha Day!

This month we celebrated Anna being in our family for 2 years! It is special for us to set aside a day to remember and be thankful for our family and the way God knit us all together. Of course He knew Anna would be our little girl when He created her, but when we stop and remember all the details that came together we stand in awe of how He orchestrated it. It is such a perfect match!

Here are a few pictures of how we celebrated. First Ryan gave Anna her present which was a bracelet with a charm inscribed "Daddy's Princess" (it's too big now so she wears it as an anklet) . She loves to show her anklet to everyone she sees and talk about how she is her daddy's princess.

In keeping with tradition we also made a typical Russian meal of borscht soup, stuffed cabbage rolls and bread. Surprisingly, the kids have liked to eat this both years we have made it! It was so cute when Brooks asked Anna "Do you remember this food Anna? Does it taste like Russia to you?"

We love our little one, she is growing up so fast but I still remember everything about our first day with her just two years ago.


Shelley said...

It's so hard to sum up two years, isn't it??! Could we have ever believed the road we would be asked to walk... even when we imagined it so long ago? Love you. Thanks for the pics!!

The Eisenga's said...

Amy, Anna is just stunning. Love the pic of you two and her and daddy with her new anklet. So sweet. Can't wait to meet someday in person... it's gonna happen SOMEDAY!